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Prepare for your course; Get started by organizing your thoughts, with just planning your lesson on your notepad, or computer. The beautiful thing about this is you get to be creative as possible with your teaching style and language.
Record Your Video; Ensure you have enough lighting in the room. With a good smartphone or DSLR Camera and good lightings add a microphone and you are good to record your first video! You can also screencast from your computer if you are camera shy or don't have access to a good lighted space. Either way let nothing stop you from creating!
Engage your community; Build more engagements around your course by creating quizzes, exercises and tasks. Create a forum around your course to allow for interaction with students and get to answer their questions. Share your class on your social media platforms and get more people participating.
How We help; We provide resources and online support for all our instructors and you can access them anytime.

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